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You'll learn: Error Handling with Swift 2.0, Protocol-Oriented Programming, Reference vs Value Types, and Higher Order Functions

Thoughts on Functional Programming in Swift

One of the most powerful Swift language features is the ability to write code in more functional style. There's been a lot of excitement over that in the community. So I wanted to put together some thoughts I have on functional programming in Swift after spending some time with it!

Swift: Protocol Composition 😍

I’ve found that in practice, my objects sometimes conform to too many protocols, so the method or classes that take in these protocols become way too long and a bit confusing. Here is a great solution to this issue...

WatchOS 2: Hello, World

Welcome to my series of WatchOS 2 tutorials. I'll start with the most simple part to get you started. A "Hello, World" app. Yes, you guessed it... there are some gotchas here!

Swift 2.0: Let’s try?

When I read the Release Notes for Xcode 7 Beta 6, I got immediately excited by three things, and very confused by the first and most important change in Swift - try?!