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Swift: Using Map to Deal with Optionals

I’m currently re-reading the Functional Programming in Swift book, and I came across a very interesting way of dealing with optionals that I missed the first time around (when Swift first came out!).

WatchKit: Let’s Animate!

One of the most surprising things about WatchKit is that we no longer get to use our favorite UIKit components. Instead, we’re dealing with Interfaces, which do not have a layer property for us to animate with. Instead, to animate on the Watch, we have to essentially flip through many images...

WatchKit: Customizing the Global Tint

At yesterday’s WatchKit Workshop (you can view the presentations here) @benmorrow mentioned an important customization for the Short-Look Notification...

WatchKit: Let’s Add a Menu

“The Retina display with Force Touch found on Apple Watch provides a new way to interact with content. Instead of just tapping items on the screen, pressing the screen with a small amount of force activates the context menu (if any) associated with the current interface controller.” – WatchKit Programming Guide

WatchKit: The First Glance at Glances

“The job of your glance interface controller is to set the contents of the glance. Glances do not support interactivity, and tapping on a glance automatically launches your Watch app.” – WatchKit Programming Guide

WatchKit: Accessing Data From Your iOS App

In most cases, your iOS app will power the data for your Watch App. So I took a few minutes to figure out how to use my main iOS app as a Data Source for my Watch Extension, since I haven't worked much with extensions before.

WatchKit: Hierarchical Navigation

I’m currently experimenting with Navigation on the Apple Watch. In my last post, I covered Page-Based Navigation. This time I’m going to look into Hierarchical navigation.

WatchKit: Page-Based Navigation

I'm currently experimenting with Navigation on the Apple Watch. In the official WatchKit video, they mention that there is a Hierarchical and a Page-based Navigation for the Apple Watch. But there's a catch! If you look at the available WatchKit controllers in the Interface Builder, you won't see anything like a Navigation or PageView Controllers that we're used to in iOS development.

WatchKit: Let’s Create a Table

I can’t get enough of WatchKit. Sooooo much to learn! After staring with a simple Hello World app, I’ve moved on to building a Table-based WatchKit example.

How To Create A “Hello World” WatchKit App

WatchKit is officially out!!!! Here is how to get started!!!!