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WatchKit: A Quick Reply

In XCode 6.2 Beta 2, Apple has introduced the ability to open your iOS application from your Watch App. At the moment when the iOS Application gets the WatchKit extension request, it can also send back a reply to the Watch App. This is the part of WatchKit I’ve been playing with for the past day.

WatchKit: Open Your iOS App From The Watch

The most exciting part of yesterday’s XCode 6.2 Beta 2 release was the new added ability to open the iOS app from the Apple Watch and even pass information while doing so! It’s super easy to do.

Swift: Using String Ranges The Functional Way

A few weeks ago, I wrote about How To Find A Substring In Range of a Swift String. At the time, it seemed very odd why Ranges were so hard to work with in Swift, but at least I found a way to work around them… However, as I’ve been learning a lot more about Functional Programming in the past few weeks, I’ve come to realize that Ranges are created this way to help guide us to use them in a more specific way – particularly the more functional way.

WatchKit: Actionable Notifications

Notifications on Apple Watch facilitate quick, lightweight interaction in two parts: the Short Look and the Long Look. A Short Look appears when a local or remote notification needs to be presented to the user. A Short Look provides a discreet, minimal amount of information—preserving a degree of privacy. If the wearer lowers his or her wrist, the Short Look disappears. A Long Look appears when the wearer’s wrist remains raised or the user taps the short look interface. It provides more detailed information and more functionality—and it must be actively dismissed by the wearer.

Swift: Using Map to Deal with Optionals

I’m currently re-reading the Functional Programming in Swift book, and I came across a very interesting way of dealing with optionals that I missed the first time around (when Swift first came out!).

WatchKit: Let’s Animate!

One of the most surprising things about WatchKit is that we no longer get to use our favorite UIKit components. Instead, we’re dealing with Interfaces, which do not have a layer property for us to animate with. Instead, to animate on the Watch, we have to essentially flip through many images...

WatchKit: Customizing the Global Tint

At yesterday’s WatchKit Workshop (you can view the presentations here) @benmorrow mentioned an important customization for the Short-Look Notification...

WatchKit: Let’s Add a Menu

“The Retina display with Force Touch found on Apple Watch provides a new way to interact with content. Instead of just tapping items on the screen, pressing the screen with a small amount of force activates the context menu (if any) associated with the current interface controller.” – WatchKit Programming Guide

WatchKit: The First Glance at Glances

“The job of your glance interface controller is to set the contents of the glance. Glances do not support interactivity, and tapping on a glance automatically launches your Watch app.” – WatchKit Programming Guide

WatchKit: Hierarchical Navigation

I’m currently experimenting with Navigation on the Apple Watch. In my last post, I covered Page-Based Navigation. This time I’m going to look into Hierarchical navigation.