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WatchKit: Let’s Add a Menu

“The Retina display with Force Touch found on Apple Watch provides a new way to interact with content. Instead of just tapping items on the screen, pressing the screen with a small amount of force activates the context menu (if any) associated with the current interface controller.” – WatchKit Programming Guide

WatchKit: The First Glance at Glances

“The job of your glance interface controller is to set the contents of the glance. Glances do not support interactivity, and tapping on a glance automatically launches your Watch app.” – WatchKit Programming Guide

WatchKit: Accessing Data From Your iOS App

In most cases, your iOS app will power the data for your Watch App. So I took a few minutes to figure out how to use my main iOS app as a Data Source for my Watch Extension, since I haven't worked much with extensions before.

WatchKit: Hierarchical Navigation

I’m currently experimenting with Navigation on the Apple Watch. In my last post, I covered Page-Based Navigation. This time I’m going to look into Hierarchical navigation.

WatchKit: Page-Based Navigation

I'm currently experimenting with Navigation on the Apple Watch. In the official WatchKit video, they mention that there is a Hierarchical and a Page-based Navigation for the Apple Watch. But there's a catch! If you look at the available WatchKit controllers in the Interface Builder, you won't see anything like a Navigation or PageView Controllers that we're used to in iOS development.

WatchKit: Let’s Create a Table

I can’t get enough of WatchKit. Sooooo much to learn! After staring with a simple Hello World app, I’ve moved on to building a Table-based WatchKit example.

How To Create A “Hello World” WatchKit App

WatchKit is officially out!!!! Here is how to get started!!!!

HealthKit: Getting Fitness Data

This is the last installment in my series about HealthKit as we’re approaching the New Year and the release of the WATCH, especially the Sports edition. Now, let’s talk about the heart of HealthKit – getting your user’s health data.

XCode Tip: Color Palette

When dealing with custom colors in my apps, I always just make a UIColor Category (aka Extension in Swift), because I've found that to be a lot easier than having to punch in the color values in Interface Builder for everything. However, recently I learned that there is a very easy way to make a custom Color Palette that can be used in Interface Builder and shared across a team and even projects!

HealthKit: Asking For Identifying Information

I'm writing a small series on HealthKit as we're approaching the New Year and the release of the Apple Watch, especially the Sports edition. In this post, I'm going to talk about getting your user's personal data.