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Notes On Mobile API Design

Yesterday, I watched some great talks on API design from the APIStrat Conference earlier this year. Two of the talks really stood out - the one by iOS Engineer Michele Titolo and the one by Etsy Engineer Paul Wright, as they really focused specifically on Mobile API Design. Here are the takeaways...

Learning From The Best: Replicating The Secret iOS App Text Animation

I think one of the best ways of really learning iOS and / or any other programming language is to replicate what some of the best app developers do in their app. Ever since I downloaded Secret, I've been pleasantly surprised by their awesome text animation when a new secret loads - so I decided to replicate it!

iOS Library: The Tinder Animation

I've been thinking of making an app using the Tinder-like animation. After searching around for a good open source library for this, I ended up disappointed - there were libraries, but they just weren't that great. Finally, a few days ago, a new library came out which gets the animation just right!

XCode Plugin: KSImageNamed Autocompletes Image Names

I'd like to share my favorite must-have XCode plugin - KSImageNamed. This plugin not only autocompletes your image names, but also gives you a quick preview of the image as you type. Check out this demo:

iOS: How To Pass Data with an Unwind Segue

Yesterday, I got really excited after reading this great tutorial on how to unwind a segue. I knew there was a way to unwind a segue, but I never quite got how to use it, so I just used the standard dismissViewController code to go back to a view controller instead.

XCode Trick: Sort Files Alphabetically By Name

You know the drill. After adding a ton of Models and/or ViewControllers to your growing project, finding anything in your XCode project navigator is a nightmare. Good thing there is the Command + Shift + O for the quick find! Yet, it still doesn't feel good to have a complete mess. Here is a quick way to do a clean up...

iOS: How to Implement Twitter Login with Parse

I’m currently working on an app that includes Twitter Login. While I thought Twitter Login would be the quick and easy part of the app creation process (since this seems like a common feature for apps), it took me way longer than I thought! Here is how I did it...

A Comprehensive List Of Resources For Aspiring iOS Developers

More and more of my friends would like to learn iOS, so I'd like to share all the resources I know of to get started. Add more in the comments if you've used other good ones!

A Clever Way To Search For External Libraries

If you need to build something that's in every single other app or website, chances are, someone has already done the ground work for you. Here is how you can find the best external libraries for your project...

A Beginner’s Guide To Contributing To Open Source

While I was first intimidated by open source, I'm now getting addicted to contributing! Here is how I made the change...