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iOS: Working with Segues in Swift

I love how easy Swift makes it to encapsulate small pieces of information compared to Objective-C. With tuples, enums, and structs, code becomes a lot more readable. I got reminded of this just yesterday, when @nickoneill showed an example of how to use enums to work with Segue Identifiers at the Swift Hack Day.

XCode 6: How To Debug The View Hierarchy In Your Storyboard

Reveal is one of the products that got sherlocked by Apple with the release of XCode 6. Well, almost. Not sure the XCode 6 version is as sophisticated as Reveal, but it does have most of the similar functionality and the big bonus is that it is in XCode, so it’s very easy to use and activate (once you know how to activate it).

XCode 6: How To Add Image Assets To Your Playground

As I mentioned earlier today at the Swift Hack Day, the new Playground files in XCode 6 are one of those things that I didn’t know I needed, but now can’t live without. I like to experiment in Playgrounds a lot, and that includes playing with images...

Swift Access Controls: How To Avoid The ‘Private’ Keyword Repetition

A few weeks ago, I contributed an article about Swift functions in, where I mentioned that I prefer to put all my private functions together at the bottom of my class, separated by a landmark. So I wish there was a way in Swift, like in other languages, to say that all functions below this on are private. In response, @chromophoreapp had the following idea...

iOS: How to Change UITableViewCell’s Selection Color App Wide

As part of your app branding, you might want to use a different selection color for all your tableViewCells! Here is how you can easily do this...

Don’t Miss These Navigation Bar Interactions in iOS8

Have you noticed how nicely the mobile Safari navigation bar condenses on scroll, and how the tab bar disappears? Here are the new navigation bar interactions in iOS8.

iOS8: Where To Remove Observer for NSNotification in Swift

So viewDidUnload has been deprecated as of iOS 6.0, and now dealloc() can no longer be used in Swift-based ViewControllers. This posed a challenge to me this morning as I was working with NSNotifications in my app...

Swift: Using MVVM To Work With Optionals

I’ve recently started using the Model-View-ViewModel pattern a lot more to structure my iOS application code. While MVVM is not necessary in all cases, I’ve found it to be especially useful when writing iOS applications in Swift aka working with Optionals.

5 Tips For Power Learning

Eventually, I figured out that if I wanted my brain to be challenged in any way, I had to take learning into my own hands. I've been addicted to learning ever since! Some of my happiest days are when at night, my brain is so full, I cannot process the simplest things (such as someone talking to me!). Here are some tips for learning as you transition to Swift...

Swift: Unit Testing Tips and Tricks

Here are some tips and tricks I learned from writing my unit tests in Swift last week...